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Some downtime and Sintra Topo

November 24, 2015

Today is November 23rd and I “stopped” climbing around beginning of June so that’s… 6 months!  When I say stopped I mean that I climbed (let me see) on around 10-15 days in those 6 months.  Sporadic days.  Loooong stretches in between.

I felt a deep lull in motivation in June and about that time I started playing a ridiculously fun and immersive computer game (yes… yes…) called World of Tanks.


World of Tanks – T37

God that must sound lame but I have been really obsessed with this strategic multiplayer realtime game.  Amazing graphics, amazing strategy, steep learning curve.

In addition to the game I was playing more music on my concertina and both of those I could do at home which just took away from my desire to go to the climbing gym and do the saaame routes over again…

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 6.25.49 PM

Minutes before the break

Bruno Evolv 2014_2015

A few days before the break


Post-break… so ugly

Man I’m so bummed about Drive On.

So on the 1st of July I left for a 3 month visit to Europe.  2 months in Portugal and 1 month touring around England, France and Spain.


Water, Sun, Climbing – Portugal

Portugal is so amazing, and so are the people living there.  I miss being able to call up a friend and drive to a cliffside crag, jump in the water in between burns and just be in nature.


Mateus and cousin Gabriel

Had an awesome time catching up with some good friends and seeing what was new in the bouldering world.

portugal 2

Enjoying the beaches of Portugal

After close to 3 months with only 3 days of climbing I got to Fontainbleau and oh my it is such an amazing place!  Fully lived up to all the expectations.  I felt so happy there.


Fontainbleau playground


Fontainbleau playground


The Little Prince in the village of Fontainbleau

So now I’m back in Oakland and, after a month and a half, still haven’t restarted my climbing gym membership.  I tell myself I’ll do it beginning of December so that I can still enjoy the winter season in Yosemite but we’ll see…   I hear the new youngsters in the climbing gym have gotten super strong so maybe I’ll go get some inspiration by climbing with them 🙂

Until next time!

OH!  And that rambling and I forgot to mention the main reason I was posting!!  SINTRA has a new bouldering Topo by the ever-present one-and-only Macau.

Check it out at: