Natural Bridge

July 24, 2012

Took a short weekend trip up to Hayfork a week ago to visit more Gainesville friends that have made the transition to NorCal.  Had an excellent time and got to climb outdoors at Natural Bridge.

Natural Bridge is a stunning little place.  Nestled in a surrounding of tall redwoods and lush poison oak you find an explosion of limestone settled over a dry river (dry in the summer that is).  Native Americans of the Wintu tribe called this place Kok-Chee-Shup-Chee used this as a sacred site and, unfortunately, it is the location of a famous massacre of 150 Wintu by dumb palefaces.  Anyhoo.  We came to enjoy the lcoation and to climb on some of the gorgeous formations.

Here are some pictures of myself climbing The Crystal Knight, V8, put up by Randy Hill a few years ago; very happy to have done this in a day.  You start under the arete, hugging the bulge and some burly moves take you onto the overhanging face climb where some sharp crimps await.  A logical sit start makes this a V11 and adds a few moves on beautiful pinches.ImageImageImageImage

A few intimidating sport climbs exist on the side of this cave (and a nice project up the middle for A.O.) and Max Z and Randy H focused on a project in the 5.13d/8b range.  Here is some footage of that being worked on (there is still another section with 2 cruxes after where Randy falls):

Enjoy and keep climbing!



  1. Natural Bridge is a hard to climb.I’m glad that your friends were very supportive.I like the pictures.Thanks for sharing.

  2. i miss y’all!

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