Yosemite Bouldering – Video Installment I

February 16, 2011

So this past week I made my way back to Yosemite National Park.
It just always feels so good to say that!

El Cap – Photo by Natasha Barnes

It is snowing in Yosemite right now, but last weekend the conditions were perfect!  Snow on the ground but clean topouts, cold but sunny.
A lot of sending on this trip.

Atlantis V6 – photo by Natasha Barnes

Natasha, Cole and I arrived on Friday night and began touring the classics the next morning.  Saturday we played on excellent boulders such as Atlantis, Heart of Darkness, and Drive On.  Sunday we went to Blue Suede Shoes, Thriller, The Force and back to Drive On.


Drive On – Photo by Natasha Barnes

I divided my time between climbing and filming, not getting as much time on the rock as I would like but capturing some of the moments that make the trips memorable to me.  I have found myself fascinated about filming more and more, having different ideas for projects that I want to explore.

Myself on The Force – Photo by Natasha barnes

Stepping away from the camera I got “me-time” on The Force (upper-end V9).  My motivation on this trip was focused on trying Thriller (upper-end V10) but the pads were all (yes, quite a few) on The Force and, more importantly, something about it really called to me.  I didn’t send but I felt very comfortable right on the first try.  I can clearly see the results of all my training at GWPC and know that, with more trips outdoors to get my head screwed on right, I’ll be ready to enjoy what Yosemite has to offer.

The Force – Photo by Natasha Barnes

Congrats to Cole for sending two V6’s and doing well on a bunch of other climbs on his first real outdoors trip.

I got good footage of Ethan Pringle sending Heart of Darkness (V9/10), Eric Vergne sending The Force (V9), Ryan Moon sending Thriller (V10), and Natasha Barnes sending Drive On (V11).

Here is the first of those videos, Natasha on Drive On:

Enjoy and tune in for the next short clips.



    MORE VIDEOS! heheh

  2. hahaha ò Sr. Dr. acho que é melhor ires ao Dr.!! Parti-me a rir com a última música!! Tás lá Plim… 😛

  3. I lovelovelove the song choice for the send, Brogi. Another excellent video.

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