Red Rocks

January 25, 2011

I took a quick 5-day bouldering trip to Red Rocks at the beginning of this year with Randy, Jeremy, Max and Natasha.  Red Rocks was the place to be since most of the winter bouldering areas got dumped with snow!

It was a short adventure filled with climbing, hot tubs, dubstep, strippers, whole foods, casinos, cold temperatures and clear skies, and lots of driving.  Put those in a blender and you get an epic trip.

Here is a short video I put together.  As video cameras and home-made climbing movies become more common it is more difficult to get others to shoot video when the cameraman is climbing – so I don’t show up even once in this movie!

Enjoy!  Red Rocks is definitely worth a longer visit!

For other recent movies about bouldering at Red Rocks you have Jon Glassberg’s:

and Matt Wilder’s:


  1. Nice Bruno. Really cool video. When can we expect to see your director (and climbing) skills here in Sintra again?

  2. Quem me dera! I wish I could visit Sintra more often!!!
    The answer is: I don’t know.
    Saudades de escalar em Sintra contigo e o resto do crew.

  3. Really enjoy it DrPlim! Your production skills are getting better and better! And cheers for the soundtrack selection… perfect combination!
    Grande abraço dude 🙂

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