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Red Rocks

January 25, 2011

I took a quick 5-day bouldering trip to Red Rocks at the beginning of this year with Randy, Jeremy, Max and Natasha.  Red Rocks was the place to be since most of the winter bouldering areas got dumped with snow!

It was a short adventure filled with climbing, hot tubs, dubstep, strippers, whole foods, casinos, cold temperatures and clear skies, and lots of driving.  Put those in a blender and you get an epic trip.

Here is a short video I put together.  As video cameras and home-made climbing movies become more common it is more difficult to get others to shoot video when the cameraman is climbing – so I don’t show up even once in this movie!

Enjoy!  Red Rocks is definitely worth a longer visit!

For other recent movies about bouldering at Red Rocks you have Jon Glassberg’s:

and Matt Wilder’s:


Deadpointmagazine Article – Climbing in Southern Portugal

January 5, 2011

I was at the local climbing gym, sitting down at the rest area with all its magazines while my daughter played with a new-made friend, when I noticed the new edition of Deadpointmagazine.  I was really surprised when I found the word “Portugal” in the front page!
“An article about Portugal!!  Who wrote it?  I must know them.  What is it about?  Which sector?  Possibly the new Meio Mango sector, that one is sure to interest the international community!”
So I a little surprised to find that it was written by a Spaniard.
Now, I definitely have nothing against Spaniards!  Yes I am Portuguese and my ancestors fought and fought them for centuries on end, but my experiences with Spanish people and especially my experience with them while climbing has been nothing but excellent.  However, it does surprise me and a part of me does wish that the spreading of the word about some of the awesome climbing that Portugal has would come from one of my Portuguese friends.

Anyway!  Here is a nice little article about climbing in the south of Portugal, in Algarve, written by David Munilla, Translated by Adam Harrington, and Layout by Joe Lavasco.
I look forward to seeing some of the other climbing areas get some recognition.  Perhaps this will more easily happen when the new Vertigem Magazine gets translated into English!

Here are photos of the article.