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Pedra do Urso

December 17, 2010

Portugal has two main regions for bouldering, one is Sintra and the other is Pedra do Urso.  Whereas Sintra is located close to Lisbon so it has been more in the limelight, Pedra do Urso is located in the north of Portugal and only a handful of climbers know their way around there.

Very recently Pedra do Urso has seen visits from both Spanish and Sintra-based Portuguese climbers and here are two nice videos that have emerged.

From Luis Alonso, a video with many different boulders:

From Gonçalo Franco, a video of Pena crushing Harakiri one of the 5 star lines there:

There is also a blog about the bouldering there:

My interest for this place has recently peaked and who knows… perhaps I’ll go live there soon.


The Crash Pad

December 4, 2010