Another video from Sintra

October 15, 2010

This one not by me but by Rasta!

Love the shots and angles he thinks of.  I was in Portugal when he started working on the HD version and you can bet it is going to be awesome!!




  1. Parabéns, muito bom!
    Ansioso pela versão 3d!

    Bruno, já agora, como se chama o primeiro bloco onde apareces e onde é?



    • E o Mito.
      E parabens outra vez!!

  2. hey bruno,
    beautiful blog. it seems you are getting into the climbing video industry. I can’t remember the last time i climbed, seriously – perhaps a few years? i do miss it… and your footage really makes me miss it more.
    im following you now 🙂

  3. Bruno!!
    Nice blog, man! So I’m living in London right now,and last night this German friend of mine says “You should go to Sintra, Portugal. I bet there are some amazing places to climb there.” So I Google “Sintra Climbing” and I find this wealth of video and photographic stimulus. You’ve got me psyched brotha.
    How nice to just find you out there on the good old Internet, after not seeing you since Hueco!
    Swap links.

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