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Another video from Sintra

October 15, 2010

This one not by me but by Rasta!

Love the shots and angles he thinks of.  I was in Portugal when he started working on the HD version and you can bet it is going to be awesome!!



Goodbye Europe – Hello America

October 2, 2010

(Bouldering in Hoya Moros, Spain – photo by Ricardo Alves “Macau”)

Goodbye Europe – Hello America

I feel that a quick update is necessary.  I was pretty sure that this update was going to contain news of my most proud and challenging first ascent in Sintra but, in the end, it didn’t happen.

I came agonizingly close.  This was a line that really called to me, a short and powerful compression problem on a yellow wave that somewhat resembles the light arching of a cobra’s head.  The yellow color is broken by a distinct black streak in the middle.

I tried it over several months.  The very last move had been previously done, I added one move, then another, and then another.  I felt solid and strong on the last day of attempts, just hours before the flight, but it didn’t come together.

(Bouldering in Sintra – photo by Ricardo Alves “Macau“)

The next morning I flew to Florida where I spent 5 days visiting beautiful friends, and two days ago I flew into San Francisco where I was warmly welcomed by my wife and her sister.  Today I renewed my membership to the Touchstone Berkeley Ironworks climbing gym and started my re-acquaintance with plastic holds.

I feel the motivation to begin training again, daily, focused and to return to Sintra stronger than ever.  Days after I left Macau announced that he had uncovered yet another sector, bouldering in Sintra is going through a growth spurt and I have no doubt that in the following months new gems will be new uncovered.  I want to be ready for them!

(Somewhere in the Sintra mountains, yet another gorgeous line – photo by Macau)

Of course, California isn’t going to be just training.  There is some rock around here… 🙂  I’m also looking forward to getting out to the seaside crags such as Stinson Beach and Mickey’s Beach, work on some extremely polished and crimpy lines at Mortar Rock, try to make my way over to Castle Rock, and who knows… maybe go see if there is good rock at Yosemite, Tahoe, or Bishop.

All the while I’ll be rocking my new Escapist approach shoes from Evolv.  Highly recommend them, super comfortable and light though sturdy enough to protect the foot, and really good traction with the new rubber: