Lights, Camera, Action!

June 22, 2010

Man oh Man!

Well, I finally got what I’ve wanted: a Full HD video camera!!!  Yeah!!!

I’ve been wanting to try and capture some of the beautiful locations and the climbing that goes on in this mystical land called Sintra and so now I have the resources!!  I’ve still been climbing these past weeks and managing to get some sends on camera but until I get fully familiar with the editing software the posts are going to be happening at a slower pace…  A few years ago I made a short movie of climbing in Hueco broken up into three parts: part 1, part 2, part 3.  I loved the editing phase which involved cutting, pasting, and adding awesome music.  But I was also bummed at how I wasn’t able to do some simple things such as rotate the video 90 degrees…  So now I’m downloading a couple programs and upgrades and seeing what I can get, software wise, to help me on this endeavour.

I’ve also had some difficulty uploading these new films but check my vimeo account because that is where they’ll be showing up when I finally get everything to work!

Actually, it may already be up!


One comment

  1. Muito bom!!!!
    keep it coming!

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