VENGA! – Fanatismo Espanhol en Sintra!

March 31, 2010

These past few days have been FANATIC!

Pena on another failed attempt at Voando Sobre Um Ninho de Cucus

Toni Lamprecht has come to test the Sintra granite but in addition to that beast over 20 Spaniards have invaded us too!!  Amongst those there are some very strong, >8a climbers.  To mention a few: Nano and Israel Olcina (one of the strong Olcina brothers).

The small crew of Sintra boulderers have been really excited to show these fellow climbers some of the classic lines, see if they could send some of our projects, and see if they would open up some new lines.

After approximately one week the toll is Sintra 1 – Spaniards 0.

Not really.  What we have found is that the hard boulders in Sintra are hard (we half-expected strong foreign climbers to crush and downgrade), the projects are solid (none gone and few even attempted cause they are imposing lines), Portuguese climbers have balls (the heady highball lines are not appealing to the foreigners, thus far).

Today we had a good session at the Meca and Mito areas.  With the headlines being Pena bagging the FA of a very pretty line: Loira Insubmissa (approximately 7b… technical).

Pena on Loira Insubmissa (FA)

For myself I’ve had two very good days, coming very close to repeating some of the hard lines I’ve done in the past months and then today I was exchanging attempts with Israel on the 7c version of Mito and did all the hard moves only to fall on the very last cross, a mistake that doesn’t bother me too much since I got further than he did and I had thought it would be a longer-term project!Israel on O Mito

More fanatic days to come… tomorrow actually!!!  A Muerte!!



  1. Awesome to hear, Brogi. Palmer & I recounted many tales of climbing with you at HP40 this week. I’m glad to hear we were both climbing well at the time.

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