Climbing, Escalada

March 8, 2010

Above: Macau and Rita climbing in Sintra, on one of the very first boulders established here.

Wow, well after approximately 2 months without climbing, 2 months of rain and traveling, I am back in Sintra, Portugal.  The gods are still showering rain upon us mortals but every now and then they cooperate and allow us to climb.

I went yesterday for my first touch back on the rock.  The chosen area was Capuchos (in Sintra of course), the first sector to be developed.  Though it was first explored approximately a decade ago, new lines are still being opened.  Macau developed some serious tennis elbow but instead of not climbing he has shifted his attention to slab problems which are less strenuous on those joints; since then he has been getting the first ascent on a few slabs climbs and yesterday he got the probable FA on the back of one of the most climbed boulder in Sintra.

My goal was to reintroduce my skin to climbing and to the Sintra granite; large layers of skin peeled off nearly every single time I held onto the rock, no flappers, just the removal of the useless.  Shedding away all the baby skin will reveal the leather and I’ll be back to speed in no time.

On other news here is a video of the crack climbing scene in Portugal just 5 minutes from my place (Sintra is the place to be).  It is all in Portuguese so time to go sign up for those Portuguese classes you have been putting off!

Also, an online climbing site and magazine have started up!!  Vertigem, this will be the place to go to stay in touch with the happenings of the Portuguese climbing world!  Vertigem is the website and it will also host an online magazine, the first edition of which is to come out in April.  Stay Tuned, I bet it will be very good!

I forgot to include this video in the original post but it was my mistake… big mistake.  Portuguese climbers go to Albarracin and whatever climbing ticklist they accomplish is insignificant compared to the advances in trance-videos they achieved with THIS:


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