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I Prefer It In English

January 31, 2010

Teem que ver o traduzido para Ingles!

Minha opiniao: mudava os nomes para Ingles.  Ja viram?  “Bife na Pedra” fica “Beefburger in the Rock”!!

Oh Pena, ve la: “Penalty in its favourite nose, finally to leave superficially:”  es tu!!

“Penalty you give to fly in direcção to crashs after failing for cms the reception of” Flying on a Nest of Cuckoos” – 7a+”

“The motivation was to rubro, what it took the chainings for the xicos and the xicas”

Sho Pereira passa a “Sho Pear tree”

“Long steps of the block, with Neres esticadinho that nor a harp:”




January 8, 2010

No climbing since my last post, it began to rain and it stayed raining for nearly 3 weeks.  It was also humid and warm.  No indoor climbing either, I have close to no motivation for indoor climbing nowadays.  I’d rather build a treehouse than be in a stuffy gym grabbing onto dirty holds… hummm… ok, depends on the gym, a nice 45% overhanging wall would be nice… anyway.  In addition to the rain I find out that I’ll be leaving Portugal for over a month starting on January 11th… in 3 days time.  Weather forecast is bleak bleak bleak… all days except for tonight!  It’s not supposed to rain for the next few hours and a cold front is arriving so despite being 10pm I must go climbing… it’s the last chance before leaving!

I quickly drive to the Mecca area, 20 minutes.  Get the pads and it starts raining?!!?  I make my way to the rock and despite the drizzle it feels good, stickier than last time at least.  That’s when I realize that it isn’t rain that’s falling, it’s snow… or soft hail!!  It’s cold!

The window of opportunity peaked its head open and I took it.  In between bouts of snow/hail I cleaned the holds and quickly sent the sit to Eduardo Maos de Strappal (V9).  Feeling very motivated I then give burns on the full line, Stonedge (V10), and after falling at the last move 3 times I get the FA at 00:30am.  Strongly recommend this beautiful compression climb!

Thank you Sintra, now I can travel with a calm mind.

A picture of me trying the sit about 4 weeks ago: