No Photos Please

December 11, 2009

Pity we didn’t get photos of this night session, it was fanatic.

I started off the night thinking that I would spend it trying a project in Peninha, but upon arrival I found the holds very wet, especially the top.  So I warmed up there and then drove in search of drier lands.  At the Mecca sector I met up with Mario, Rasta, Pena and Jorge (a newcomer to the outdoor bouldering… a gym rat).

Jorge did really well, sending some of the classics such as flashing Ninho de Cucoos, Incha-la on his second try and Cromeleque with a few goes; he gave Megalito some good goes but it got the better of him for now.  Pena did the stand to Eduardo Maos de Strappal (7b+) and redid the hard compression moves to try the straight up version and I got the FA of the direct line topping out straight up (though not the sit start) which adds a little difficulty but stays at 7b+, naming it “Stonehenge”.  Pena and I then both gave the sit some good burns and made progress but still a step beyond us.

I tried a line I had envisioned and which we have named Menir, directly opposite Stonehenge, but it’s moves are still too hard.  Then Pena and I give some fanatic tries on another line I envisioned starting on Megalito but exiting right using some nice underclings and slaps and crimps.  The moves are really cool and the topout is hard, in sync with the Mecca theme we baptize it “Sultão Qaboos”, the Sultan of Oman!  5 nice boulder problems in the space of 3 square meters, probably the highest density in Sintra.

Perfect temps, great motivation and excellent company!  Tomorrow another session starting at 17:30, location=Dinossaurus!!  See you there!


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