Climbing and Bodyboarding Photos

August 12, 2009

Here are a couple of photos from bouldering at Turtle Rock, bodyboarding at ?? Beach, and sport climbing at Stinson.

Turtle Rock:

Turtle Rock 1Turtle Rock 2

When I was moving out west I thought the area was littered with reasonably good climbing areas.  I mean, Yosemite is just 3 hours away (less if you drive fast), Tahoe is about the same distance, Bishop like 5 hours, the Pinnacles 2 hours… however, Berkeley and Oakland are in this kind of limbo area, a dead zone, where the only outdoor climbing occurs on these random rocks that sprouted from somewhere.

Mortar Rock and Turtle Rock are prime examples, both containing anywhere from 5 to 100 problems depending on how creative you feel that day.

Kevin on the only underclings allowed eliminate # 56 (hey Kevin: underclings for the start too!)

Kevin 1Kevin 2Kevin 3Kevin 4

Rances Rodriguez priming his low-ball bouldering skills to help his mental game on the 40-meter Spanish sport routes he is facing nowadays.Rances 1

We figured we’d go bodyboarding before climbing at Stinson beach.  Get there and I brought the wrong wetsuit, Kevin forgot his, Rances was equipped with wetsit and surf board but the waves were only 2-3 feet high… still had fun though.

Beach 1

Approaching Stinson Beach climbing area, the drizzling hadn’t started yet:Stinson

Kevin on the sketchy warm-up route involving slippery feet:Stinson 1

I like this next picture:Stinson 2

My next post will probably come from my homeland, Portugal!  Motivation and fitness levels are high so I just gotta resurrect my contacts to get on some awesome sport climbs and boulders!!!


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