May 1, 2009

Man… since I started 9 years ago I have never gone this long without climbing!  A month and a half of being in front of the computer working on finishing the dissertation…

The desktop background on my Apple 17″ screen is a picture I took while on the second pitch of some rad climb in Yosemite 3 (?) years ago.  Gorgeous granite… pathcy white clouds against the blue sky, the canopy of trees extending through the valley and crawling onto the slopes…  arghh….

I cannot wait to go climbing again……….

I’m posting here a video from a Yosemite trip I took in Movember (notice the moustache).  We chanced upon Midnight Lightning with a bunch of pads so I was all psyched to get on it.  This is as far as I got on it.  I only got 20 or so minutes on this climb before the crowd and the pads dispersed and the fall became too intimidating for my small and not-so-cushiony pad.

Sigh, can’t wait, can’t wait.


One comment

  1. Sick. So sick. Please post a picture of the “I am happy and have sent” face when you do send this beast. I promise to be super psyched for you, friend.

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