Yosemite Day 1

November 17, 2008

It is 7pm, the end of an awesome first day.

Last night it seemed like the trip had come to a premature end when we stopped to put gas and the back of the Maggie Westphalia was smoking…  Ursula immediately said it was the coolant and that we couldn’t go anywhere with the radiator without coolant.  And I was BUMMED!

We slept in the van, just outside a nearby restaurant.

Next day woke up and called JJ (the van owner) and talked it through and came to the conclusion (after also looking at the tank) that water was put into the coolant tank, overfilling it, and that it was probably just water vapor steaming out.  Happy happy happy we got back in and drove the rest of the road to YOSEMITE!!!

Arrived, set up an awesome tent at famous and empty Camp 4 and met up with our friends there.  In an hour we were playing around on Cocaine Corner and other fab problems.  Warmed up on a couple V0’s (Yosemite V0’s), fell off Cocaine Corner V5 a couple of times before the sun was too intense on it, quickly sent an unnamed V6 with a sketchy sketchy foot mantle the moved on.  Played on a couple more unnamed V2s, then sent a pretty pretty V4 first try called … hummm… anyway.  We were warmed up and talk about going to Midnight Lightning was in the air so we went there.

Midnight Lightning, candidate for most famous boulder problem in the World!!  On Earth!!  Beautiful line!  10 or so people were there with a bunch of pads so we joined in and immediately watched 3 people hike it!  Sweet.

I got the jitters out of my system on the first three tries and then found myself throwing for the three finger crimp which you have to then match.  I was getting more and more psyched as this problem all of a sudden was POSSIBLE.  But then people started leaving and we had only 3 pads left… on a pretty high climb…  and Ursula wanted to check out Yosemite Falls before it became dark so I gave it a couple more tries and got some really good feels of that crimp and figured out a good sequence so hopefully there will be other people out there tomorrow or Tuesday morning cause it will go!!

After that high point we took a sweet walk to lower falls, enjoyed the drizzle and gorgeous landscape then went back to cook and set up a nice campfire!

What a sweet day.  Now for a couple of hours of work before bedtime and don’t forget: tonight are the Leonids.


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