November 2, 2008

So, my friends in the Gainesville climbing gym are familiar with my luck and now the trend continues on the west coast.

Today there was a climbing competition/fundraiser at the Berkeley Ironworks climbing gym.

And it was a party!

The sky covered up and it started really pouring just minutes before I got there, on time, at 6pm.  The comp was to go from 6 to 10, 4 hours of madness – I was hoping!

At 6pm there were maybe 10 climbers and I thought for sure this was going to be a flop.  But slowly slowly people started showing up, slowly but surely!  The next time I looked around the gym was in a Ruckus!!!!  An overwhelming ruckus most of the time, meaning that one had to shove oneself to the front of the line to climb the problems!  The environment was happy though so, despite the crowds, the gym was full of positive energy!

Positive energy and insane pulling down.  I look around and can’t help but thinkg “what the hell is Daniel Woods doing here????!!!!”.  Isn’t he in some remote awesome place like Rocklands???  I could understand that Natasha Barnes was pulling at the comp but DW… and a dozen other ridiculously strong climbers…  I spent a good portion of my time there in awe watching some of these kids go at the climbs.

With three categories only: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and with the elite crew that was crushing in the third category I really didn’t feel bad signing up for Intermediate.  4 hours climbing pretty well but often surrounded by much better climbers did not make me expect the win of the Intermediate category!  And the ridiculously sweet Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15deg sleeping bag………   Holy sssshhhhh…..

Well, it was an awesome party and very well-intentioned event.  The comp had numerous sponsors, free food, great live DJing and the money raised went to help a local climber, Rowan Jimenez, who received a double lung transplant just two months ago.  At the end of the competition we watched a small video detailing some of his life and his struggle and we even had a good skype video conversation with the man recovering at home.


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