A Weekend in Yosemite

October 29, 2008

A good friend gave Ursula and I the chance to babysit his Volkswagon Vanagon and so we set off to Yosemite for the weekend.

Doing 60 on the highway we got there in a good 4.5hrs, the sun was setting and so we stayed at the fist campground after the guard entrance.

Vanagons are amazing, you drive it and then you can stop, turn on the gas and cook, then read a book in bed before closing the curtains and falling asleep!!

Ursula doing important stuff on the Vanagon…

As we drove there I kept thinking/feeling that it was the beginning of a really long trip, we were driving with our bed/house with us!  Alas, it was only a weekend trip.

Me thinking about making this a several-year-long climbing trip:

We didn’t bring firewood or even a lamp (other than the headlamps) so when night came we ate and snuck into the Vanagon for…. READING!

Here we are, into the Golden Compass:

Here is Ursula, enjoying her new sleeping bag and her first ever view of El Cap!

There is it!  El Capitan.

Ursula and the Capitan

Enjoying Bridaveil Falls… at least where it usually is when it is but it wasn’t…

And finally we got our hands on some Valley bouldering!!!

The temps were warm/hot, not ideal for hard bouldering and especially not ideal for hard Yosemite Valley bouldering where the feet are small and smeary – very friction dependent.  It was still fine to mess around on easier things.

This was a sweet V9:

And this was the sweet greasy sloper on that sweet V9….  I’ll be back in the winter.

The temps may be too high for much bouldering but the leaves were changing and so hiking was a very good option:

And this was the last picture of the trip:

See you later Yosemite!!


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