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Gym Rats

July 28, 2008

Another few days at the climbing gym.  Rubbing shoulders with Randy Puro, Natasha Barnes, and random other big wigs.  Good to watch their smooth climbing, allows my body to learn through watching. The bouldering is fun, the route climbing awesome.  Can’t wait to settle in more and meet more people and start heading out to Yosemite (praying the fires are pacified as soon as possible)!!


Update Update Update

July 23, 2008

Great!  Time to sit and write all that has been happening.

It has been a looooong time since I wrote on this blog, or any of my other blogs.  I think I’ll just write a long entry and post it on all my blogs since what has been happening overlaps and includes it all!!!!

So, first things first, I am a married man now!

At a 10-day massage workshop in Gainesville Florida, at the end of March, I met a girl from California and we really hit it off.

June 7th we got married in the Berkeley hills.

Surfed the Pacific Coast

July 15th I moved to Oakland to live with her.

It has not yet been 4 months since we first met and I am now sitting on her/our bed in Oakland.  Half of my things are in boxes in her basement and the other half still in some train on their way here.

Many people who know me were shocked to hear that I was getting married, some are still shocked, and I count myself in that second category.  It has been an impressive ride these past few months and I am not sure how it will turn out.  I am still working on the PhD in Florida (so working from here, and keeping my fingers crosses hoping all that will work out well), I am a husband to Ursula and a father-figure to her 3.5 year old daughter Kaleakai.

We are moving into a place which costs 4 times the amount I was paying in Gainesville yet is not overpriced for this area (someone tell me how we are going to make it financially!!)…

So many things have changed!

I am sitting here and feeling good, taking one day at a time, feeling like this is really closer to living Life instead of staying on the safe end of things.  A corda bamba, the high-wire, the balancing act.  Very exciting about making it work!  Very excited about making it work.

One thing that has helped me with this process has been climbing!  Such a good resource for me.

Oakland and Berkeley have very good climbing gyms which include yoga and weights and crossfit and sauna.  All for cheaper than the crummy climbing gym in Gainesville.  Really, the Gainesville gym is below standard; what makes it awesome is the people there!

I arrived in Oakland Wednesday July 16th at 2:30am and everyday since then I have been going climbing.  8 days on now.  My body feels great going everyday, it is an activity I truly love.  And inevitably I have begun meeting people there and am thoroughly enjoying that process too.  Since the gym is much bigger the people are more… isolated in themselves which just means it will be a longer process of meeting people!  I have time.

We (Ursula, Kale’a and I) are still living with Ursula’s roomate, her son, her cat, the person who will be taking over our room when we leave, and his 2 cats.  The house is really not that big!!

So hopefully we will be moving soon.  The rent will steeply increase to 1200 a month yet it will be our own place and I imagine that will feel good, grounded, to create our space together.

Tight-rope walking.

Hopefully I will find time and clients to start massaging soon and we can save enough money to go on weekend camping trips to Yosemite and other ridiculously awesome places in the area!!

What a crazy 4 months it has been.

I welcome the positive thoughts and prayers anyone who reads this has to send!