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April 3, 2008

So, it has taken a loooong time to get this movie up. It didn’t even get as much of my attention as I wish I could have given it as I have been swamped with work and massage and just Life! So I’m feeling slightly incomplete or not totally satisfied with the final result yet I still love it.

– Enjoy the movie.

Today also marks the first day back to climbing and physical exertion. I took a month-long break from even doing pull-ups and I feel I am ready to incorporate it in my life again. Mainly this means training for climbing since I won’t be taking any climbing trips until (probably/hopefully) Colorado in July. Gotta start working on that crimp-strength again!!!! Besides, it has been years since I pushed myself physically so this will be it, the big 30 is coming and I want to explore this body’s limits a little more while I can!  (If you could only see the leftover cheesecake in front of me now!).