Post-Hueco Depression

February 12, 2008

It has been nearly two months since I returned from Hueco and I have climbed a maximum of 5 times since then.

I am suffering a post-Hueco depression. The main symptoms are:

i) extreme lack of motivation to climb on plastic holds;

ii) lack of motivation for training

iii) extreme critical mind regarding any routes at the gym (they all suck!!)

I will be going on a small climbing trip to Tennessee on the first of March and what really draws me is being able to climb everyday regardless of difficulty or accomplishments, just climbing.

Here are some photos from a previous Tennessee trip.



Celestial 1

Celestial 2

Celestial 3

Celestial 4



  1. Very nice post 😉 Added to favourites.

  2. Nice info.Added to favourites.

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