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Full Hueco Movie Online

February 27, 2008

Here is the full-length Gainesville Goes To Hueco climbing movie. I had to split it into three parts and upload it to YouTube.




Horse Pens 40 – February

February 27, 2008

bruno-evolv-beach.jpgJust returned from destroying Horse Pens 40 with love as a group of about 25 Gainesville climbers swamped this awesome climbing area!

I had an amazing time trying classics such as Skywalker. The weather was perfect – cold and no rain – and the group of people was a lot of fun.

I have frozen my membership at the climbing gym as the Hueco demotivation really set in and I feel that climbing indoors would do me more bad than good. As a result, the first thing I noticed was my endurance was low and this stopped me from finishing a couple of awesome climbs even though I felt strong on everything I got on. I have noticed that it takes a couple of days to really settle in and I generally climb best on from my third day onwards. As such, i’m looking forward to this weekend which will involve 4 days of outdoor climbing in Chattanooga, Tennessee!


February 14, 2008

Here is another video I put together of Max, John, and Randy climbing on Power of Landjaeger, a V11 at Hueco Tanks, Texas, January 2008



Post-Hueco Depression

February 12, 2008

It has been nearly two months since I returned from Hueco and I have climbed a maximum of 5 times since then.

I am suffering a post-Hueco depression. The main symptoms are:

i) extreme lack of motivation to climb on plastic holds;

ii) lack of motivation for training

iii) extreme critical mind regarding any routes at the gym (they all suck!!)

I will be going on a small climbing trip to Tennessee on the first of March and what really draws me is being able to climb everyday regardless of difficulty or accomplishments, just climbing.

Here are some photos from a previous Tennessee trip.



Celestial 1

Celestial 2

Celestial 3

Celestial 4