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For the second time: I’m Back from Hueco Tanks

January 10, 2008

On the 7th of January I returned from another ridiculously awesome trip to Hueco Tanks. This was my second time climbing there, the first having been January 2007, and this time I made the trip 2 weeks long instead of just 4 days.

2 weeks in Hueco!! This was probably only the second time in my 7.5 years of climbing that I took a proper extended all-climbing trip! I have a hard time believing that I haven’t indulged myself in my addiction more than this.

Anyway, the routine there was simple. I had 11 days and climbed 9.5 full days, had 1 full rest day and one of the days was a 0.5 rest day because I got injured (actually got injured twice but the second time, and the more serious one, happened on the very last day so I got some climbing in anyway). I was surprised by how my body felt better every day so I opted for 4-5 days on and 1 day off whereas the tradition there is more like 2 on and 1 off. I imagine that staying there for longer I would probably reduce my number of days on to 3 or so.

ANYWAY, the routine:

-wake up around 8:30 am

-walk to the porta-potty and give my morning donation to the increasing mound/pyramid of crap

-have a good breakfast consisting of oats, granola, brazilian nuts, pumpkin seeds, honey, almonds, walnuts… I think that’s it. Play some fusball and chill around waiting for around 10am time at which the tours would leave the campground to enter the park

-climb until 5:30, leave the park at 6, at nightime, with the guards searching for us (Gainesville is always the last to leave)

-goooooood dinner (vietnamese, ihop, el passito…)

-upload videos of the day onto laptop, charge camera, more fusball, sweatlodge… sleep!

We’d be walking out of the park with crash pads on our backs, in relative silence, thinking about how the day had gone, feeling how the day had impacted our bodies, noticing the inevitably gorgeous colors the desert has at sunset… feeling alive and so more in “reality” than if we were sitting at ours desks in front of a computer (which is where I’m at right now).

Climbing with friends, everyday, for me became just about climbing.  Not getting to the top or the bottom or the left or right of anything, simply climbing, moving with the infinite formations of the rock, becoming more in touch with the movement in my own body, allowing the mind to be quiet and the shapes and colors and movement to come in.