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Ahhhh Tennessee

February 27, 2007


Ahhh… and why not go to Tennessee once again?!
This time for a three day trip with two great friends Matt and Joe.  Unfortunately this is the last big trip for Joe (for two years or so) because his second baby is due in May.
Had another amazing amazing trip involving sport climbing in Foster Falls on Saturday, a “backstage” tour of the Chattanooga Aquarium followed by bouldering from 4pm to 8:30pm at Little Rock City on Sunday, and then a little more bouldering at Mountainbroke on Monday morning.
Listened to Pat Bennatar, and Akon, hung out at Lupis, got waited on by the daughter of senator Bob something and shook his hand… had an amazing weekend!


February 5, 2007

Max Swing

Just got back from an excellent week in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Got my first ever speeding ticket, in Georgia, sent my first V9 (probably more like V8, but very cool line), had an lovely time at a friendly bookstore, and ate another amazing meal at Lupis!
Can’t wait to go back.