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Back from Hueco Tanks

January 7, 2007


Just got back from my first visit to Hueco Tanks.
The climbing is amazing, just as good as everybody raves about. Hundreds of very good quality climbs, many very cool people… climbing heaven.
I climbed for 4 days, only taking one rest day (which ended up being a climbing at 50% day) and visited East Mountain, East Spur, and North Mountain (West Mountain will wait for next year).
The only bummer was how unprepared for the cold I was. It was snowing the day I arrived and then it proceeded to stay just as cold and, sometimes, windy. I managed to get a cold that was going around Hueco, on the second-to-last day. This in no way impedded my climbing but it did make my drive back to Tucson and flight back to Tampa and drive back to Gainesville the worst travel experience thus far.
Ate an awesome meal, took a warm shower and slept for 13 hours in my warm bed upon arrival!